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about me  Netherlands flag

Self Taught Professional (Freelance) Photographer and Photo Retoucher based in Amsterdam. Originally from the Caribbean (Sint. Maarten Dutch West Indies). 

Specializing mostly in Portraiture (incl. self portraiture), Event, Fine Art and Fashion Photography.  In the interest of not labeling myself a jack of all trades, I consider myself a "A Jane of Many" because I photograph what I love, what catches my eye and what I find interesting. My biggest personal love is Macro Photography & Pet Portraiture.

Thank you for visiting. 

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I joined SC late 2007 and i 'stopped posting' in 2009  due to personal reason - didn't have the time or confidence to continue posting. but i have missed some of you who have always taken the time to comment and provide feedback. Tim, Ginnie..i know i'm missing so many more names but they will come back to me. =) i hope. I have grown personally and photographically...I am now also a student of the NYIP (New York Institute of Photography). Since i have always beaten myself up for never taking up photography as a study) so i decided to become a student in 2009. So far I have learned a lot in the basics of photography, especially the technical parts, as I have always just improvised and did what i felt was best...i had 0 technical skills before... but thanks to Maurice who is also a photographer (product) I have been practicing and learning sooo much. I hope that what i NOW have to offer is more interesting but most importantly that you enjoy my images. I have put a lot of heart and work into them...

Hoping they speak to you they way they have so eloquently spoken to me. 

Yours Sincerely,


(updated: February 2012)


Canon 40D, Canon 5DMKii

Apple IMac and Macbook Pro

Different L Series canon lenses.

2X Studio Softboxes, backdrops 

My Passion & Instinct for Photography

My Trusty Eye for details and Composition. 

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