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photoblog image Just Keep Swimming
something a bit different....
Martin Jones from England 26 Jun 2009, 16:27
Wow and you still have a dry camera?
Sarina Gitoroemakso: haha yup i do. smile thanks for commenting. enjoy your weekend!!!

Pravin Patade from United States 26 Jun 2009, 19:21
Lovely smile which aquarium?
Sarina Gitoroemakso: Hmmm can't seem to remember which one...:s i been to quite a few this summer...
either way ..an aquarium in the netherlands...:s thanks for stoppin by.

Harv from United Kingdom 27 Jun 2009, 11:17
I like the mood of this one, Sarina. Feels like you're deep underwater. Doesn't have the feel of an aquarium shot at all.
Sarina Gitoroemakso: hehehe awesome...that's what i wanted smile
thanks for stoppin by !!

John Maslowski 28 Jun 2009, 03:44
Spectacular view of this school of fish with an amazing light. Stunning and excellent image.
Sarina Gitoroemakso: smile Thank you very much John...one of my favourite 'abstract type' photos as well...i tapped myself on the back for this series hehe. thanks for stoppin by,

Eliza from Tanzania 29 Jun 2009, 13:31
this is great, very mysterious too with the black & white.
Sarina Gitoroemakso: Thank u so much Eliza...smile

Mia from United States 29 Jun 2009, 18:05
It might as well be a scene from Nemo (which is one of my favorite movies smile )

how did you take this picture, scuba diving? its amazing. I've done it a few times and this reminds me of the humbling effect you feel at such a depth.
Sarina Gitoroemakso: hi Mia...so sorry for the very late reply..been too busy with this thing called life smile ..i took these in an aquarium..i would LOVE to do underwater photography but i'm afraid to go get scuba lessons at this point is gonna cost me and arm and a leg ...so for now..aquariums for me...smile
nemo is also one of my faves hehe ...it's an awesome film.

Thanks so much for your comment Mia....smile

Soul Reaver from Singapore 30 Jun 2009, 14:20
nice shot...
looks so dreamy, as if you're in a dream....
great work...
Sarina Gitoroemakso: smile cheers soul...thank u so much for stoppin by.

Satrajit Basu from India 2 Sep 2009, 10:22
This is awesome....esp since its in monochrome
Sarina Gitoroemakso: smile hehe thank u .....monochrome was the best option for this one. thanks for stoppin by!!! much appreciated.

latest comment
paul from United Kingdom 12 Feb 2012, 13:12
just noticed you are back! This is something special

must fill in
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